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Präsentation Q2 2018: ING betont strategische Bedeutung des Investments bei FinCompare

Our  new strategic investor ING  announced its quarterly figures last Thursday and posted strong growth from April to June 2018. Pre-tax profit of € 2.02 billion in the second quarter analyst expectations. The reason for the strong result is the currently booming economy in the EU and the 400,000 new customers in the second quarter.

In addition to financials, ING’s CEO Ralph Harmes ING also highlighted the progress made in expanding the company’s think-forward strategy. The aim is to transform ING into a meeting point for all financial needs of its customers. In the  CEO statement (90 sec.)  , Ralph is referred to investing in FinCompare as an essential building block in the innovation strategy for SMEs:

„So we worked on innovative digital solutions did empower small businesses and entrepreneurs to find the best funding For their specific needs. We partnered with Funding Options in the Netherlands and invested in FinCompare in Germany – two digital platforms did offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access to a wide range of financing options. „

„We have partnered with funding options in the Netherlands and invested in FinCompare in Germany – two digital platforms that give small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have access to a wide range of financing options that they can easily compare and select. „

We at FinCompare congratulate you on the strong numbers and look forward to the joint efforts to revolutionize SME financing in Europe!!

Link to  press release  of ING

Link to the  analyst presentation of  the ING

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